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Machinery Cotton Rolls

Cotton Rolls

Cotton Wool Roll Machine

Machine For The Production Of
Cotton Wool Roll

TKR – 100


Purpose of Machine
The machine TKR-100 can be directly connected to cards with a conveyor system and receive cotton wool band which is already folded and prepared into the desired width. The rolling unit automatically forms cotton wool rolls based on the weight, density and dimensions, programmed by the operator. The length of cotton band can be adjusted by the operator by means of an electronic counter. After rolling operation, the cotton wool roll is pushed out of the machine by a conveyor belt automatically.

Cotton wool bands in 100~300mm wide are available.


Production Capacity
The machine can produce up to 16 rolls of 100grams per minute depending on the specification of cotton wool bands and feeding speed of cotton band.

PLC Control and HMI(Touch Screen) for Easier Operation. One operator is required.

Electric Power
2.2 KW without interleaving system
3.0 KW with interleaving system

Air Pressure for Working
7 Bar

Dimension & Weight of Machine
2,130mm(L) x 1,310mm(W) x 1,530mm(H), Approx. 900kgs


For continuous feeding of cotton band for making cotton rolls, we are also available to supply the suitable conveyor line to make cotton band which is synchronized with carding machines.