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Machinery Zigzag Cotton

Zigzag Cotton

Zig Zag Cotton Wool(Pre-Cut Pads)

Machine For The Semi-Automatic Production Of
Zig Zag Cotton Wool

TKZ – 24

Purpose of Machine
The machine can be directly connected to cards with a conveyor system and produces zig zag cotton wool. The zig zag cotton wool can be perforated & pre-cut. The operator takes the portion of zig-zag cotton from the packing channel and manually pushes it into the polybag. By means of a sealing machine not included in the machine and the operator seals the poly bag separately. As an option, we can design the machine to receive two cotton bands from the carding line at the same time.

Cotton wool bands in 10, 13, 15 & 21cm wide are available.

The machine can produce more than 12 bags (Up to 24bags) of zig-zag cotton wool at 100gram/bag (52meter long of cotton band) per minute, depending on the weight of cotton wool band and operator efficiency.

One operator is required.


Manufacturing Process

Technical Data







  Rated power consumption

   1.5 KW