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Machinery Rectangular Pads

Rectangular Pads

Facial Cotton Pads

Sealing & Cutting Machine For Rectangular Cotton Pads


Purpose of Machine
This machine can produce facial cotton pads in rectangular shape with or without heat-sealing on the edges by using cotton web. Cotton web is fed horizontally. Remote controller is equipped for convenient maintenance.


  • - 100% absorbent bleached cotton web: Carded Cotton or Hydro-entangled Nonwoven.
  • - Width: 920mm wide as standard. (1,050mm wide at maximum)
  • - Weight: 100 ~ 220g/sq.m depending on the size of pads.


Width of Pads can be adjusted by the location of longitudinal cutters.
Length of Pads is available from 40 to 70mm. (Servo Control as option.)

Heat Sealing Device (Option)
Special designed 19 heat sealers make the both side edges of cotton pads sealed. The heat-sealers are equipped with a solid state temperature control and over-temp safety controls. This heat-sealing device can be removed for the customer who wants to produce facial pads without heat-sealing.

Sealing & Cutting Machine For Rectangular Cotton Pads

Manufacturing Process
Unwinding – (Heat-sealing on the both sides as an option) – Longitudinal Cutting – Transversal Cutting - Counting


  • - Production Speed: 90 stroke/minute at maximum
  • - Cutting:18cuts/stroke (1cut = 50mm width)
  • - Output:Up to 1,620pieces of cotton pads in 50mm x 60mm per minute


Power Consumption

  • - SD-100H (Servo Type without Heat-Sealing): 3.1KW
  • - SD-100H/S (Cam Type with Heat-Sealing): 4.7KW

Counting Desk
The attached packing desk is moved to right and left side by air whenever the correct number of pads is reached so it enables the workers to separate the correct number of pads for packing.


1,820mm(W) x 2,800mm(L) x 1,880mm(H)

Embossing Machine
Depending on the customer’s requirement, we serve the embossing machine separately. The design of embossing shape shall be provided by the customer. The required electric power is 6KW/H.

Available width of web is 900mm wide.