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Machinery Round Pads

Round Pads

Round Cotton Pads

Semi-Automatic Production Line

For Round Cotton Pads


Purpose of Machine
This machine can produce facial cotton pads in various shapes of cotton pads. For each different shape or size, a separate tool is needed.


Cotton web in 250mm wide at the weight of 180~250g/sq.m made of 100% absorbent cotton, 100% rayon or any desired combination of cotton and rayon.

Embossing Roller
This additional unit enables you, prior to confection, to emboss cotton webs with any desired design. Embossing improves the stability of the product and makes it look more attractive.

Marking Device for Counting
SD-600 is equipped with specially designed counting system which, upon reaching the pre-selected number of pieces, inserts the paper onto the last cotton pad. The marking paper is only visible under black light. The marking paper shall be separate by manual so cotton pads will not contain any fluorescent materials.

Electric Control
Human Machine Interface system(HMI). It allows the operator to find an error easily through touch screen.

Power Consumption & Compressed Air
13 KW/Hour & 6 bar

Cutting Device
Durable four (4) cutting molds make round cotton pads. As per customer’s requirement, the shape and size of cutting molds can be designed.

Manufacturing Process
Unwinding – Embossing – Counting – Punching(Cutting) – Stacking – Packing (Winder for Waste)

Production Capacity

  • - Production Speed: 240 strokes/minute at maximum
  • - Cutting:4 cuts/stroke for 57mm diameter of pads.
  • - Output:up to 960 of round cotton pads per minute


The product is stacked in channels and is simultaneously counted electronically. The desired number per package can be preset by an electronic counter. From the channels, the product is filled by an operator into the package, i.e. into polyethylene bags.