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Machinery Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol Swabs

The design of the above machines is subject to change without notice.


Technical Data


Rolling & Coating Section

Drying Section








1, 892mm


  Electric Power

3.7 KW (incl. servo motor)

28 KW

  Net Weight

Approx. 900kg




TEXKOR AKO-100 for the production of cotton rolls

Purpose of machine

These machines are designed to produce the highest quality of cotton rolls efficiently at high speed in various diameters.


The available range of diameter which AKO-100 can produce is 7mm up to 20mm. The rolls produced by AKO-100 are bundled, usually in groups of 50, and are then cut into the length desired by the band-knife cutting machine [Model SBK-300].


AKO-100 can produce up to 50 cotton rolls in 450mm long per minute depending on the diameter of cotton rolls, the weight of cotton web and operator efficiency. These rolls from AKO-100 are usually bundled in group of 50rolls with a paper by a bundling machine (BD-50). Then, the bundled rolls are cut to the desired length into 38mm long by a band-knife cutting machine (SBK-300).


A uniform header roll of bleached cotton 100% with a staple length exceeding 15mm is recommended. The header rolls should be about 45cm wide at the weight of approx. 80~130gram/sq.m. Header rolls can be made from carding process only or carded & cross-lapped process.

Manufacturing Process

The header roll of bleached cotton passes through feed-rollers and the unique cutting device where a short piece is separated and delivered to the rolling(forming) section where a firm roll is made by conveyor forming system. This roll is then delivered to the coating section where a coating of a starch-like is applied to the roll surface. The coated roll is then delivered to the Teflon belt and passed through an electrically heated oven for drying. One operator is required to operate the machines. The machines are designed for easy operation.

The machine can produce regular diameter of cotton rolls and form the rolls in a good shape.

Driven by Servo motor and PLC control. Easy operation by HMI (touch screen).